Saturday, May 26, 2012

Belated Marble Time!

Good evening lovely ladies!
I did a quick water marble last week and never got around to posting it.
I realized that I only took one decent looking picture of it but I loved the marble so much I still wanted to share it with all of you!

This is OPI- Kiss Me on My Tulips
with a marble of 
OPiI-KMOMT, OPI-Fly and Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear- Mellow Yellow
with a Poshe topcoat

Sorry for such a crappy picture I will have to marble these colors again, they were so fun and spring-ful!
(made up word I know) :-)

OPI polishes are so good for marbling. Do you like to water marble? Which brands work best for you?


  1. WOW. I've just been introduced to marbling effects and I've got to say yours is definitely the best I've seen. Did you follow a YouTube tutorial or just go ahead and do it yourself?


  2. At first I followed a YouTube tutorial about a year ago and after ALOT of failed attempts I caught on. It just takes practice and patience, a lot of patience!

  3. Love this! I really like marbling with paints, but I think the water marbling has a smoother effect... messy to do though I find. Well done, great colours too :)