Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Try It On Tuesday: Other Worldly Glitter Envy

So, Jasmine at MixedMama informed me that Tuesdays are now
Try It On Tuesdays!
This is wonderful. It's when create a mani using one of your untried polishes.
I know it sounds silly but sometimes I have trouble trying my new polishes because I have so many old favorites, and ideas for manis for my old favorites.

So for my first Tuesday I am going to show you 2 of my untried polishes that have been sitting in my Melmer for months!
This is Color Club's Glitter Envy and Other Worldly
They are two very strange glitter polishes, because they are not sparkly.
I know that sounds like a crime, but they are oddly intriguing to look at...

 I had to layer these over Sally Hanson's White on bc they are some of those pesky, wonderful neons.

These look awesome, although they might not be Color Club's best formula.
They were a bit thin and flooded the cuticles a bit, and were a pain to clean up after.
Still I like the brightness of them and will definitely use them again, maybe just for an accent next time.

What do you think? What are you wearing for TIOT?
Any polishes that you love to hate?


  1. I love the green! Goes so well with the gold glitter :)



  2. I Love them!! I have some neons and i never thought of putting them over white..i will have to try that next time.