Monday, July 16, 2012

Show It and Glow It

I have been lusting after this polish since I saw it a year ago on Chloe's Nails.
She is the very first nail blogger that I found and inspired me to really get into nail art. 
Sadly she has not been blogging for the last couple months but she is out enjoying life, so I am happy for her. Even though she hasn't been posting lately her archive of nails is amazing!
She is a scotch tape queen and is so precise in everything she does!
Check her out. Seriously.

Onto the polish. This lovely gem is from OPI's Burlesque collection from 2010.
This swatch is two coats over one coat of OPI Kiss Me on My Tulips and no topcoat.

The glitter in this is teeny, tiny, fine pink sparkles with larger multicolor pieces.
This could be applied on its own without a solid color underneath, but I find glitters stay on better if you have something sturdier than base coat under it.

I might have to compare this to Sally Hanson's Rockstar Pink...

What do you think?

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